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For young people aged 10 to 14 years. An educational tool that criss-crosses Belgium.


The project exists to make young people aware about science. To achieve that, nothing beats a personal, hands-on approach. Doing is understanding! is also an opportunity to give pupils and teaching staff the tools that they often lack in class.

Target is designed for children in the last two years of primary school and the first two years of secondary school.
The learning is organised for a class, a school group (a maximum of 27 pupils).


The lorry transforms into a laboratory, where the pupils carry out real experiments over a period of 90 minutes. In groups of two or three, they observe, experiment and deduce; in biology, chemistry, physics and technology. At the end of the activities, the pupils' work culminates in an interactive joint session.


Participation fee: €3 per pupil
Parking place and electricity supply® reserves the right to claim a compensation of 200 € if a group does not show up at the session it has reserved.