« XperiLAB.be®? At first sight, it's a truck where students come to live some experiments... However, it is much more than that! Of course, XperiLAB.be® brings to schools a high quality animation supported by equipment not commonly used in schools, but it is above all an opportunity to talk about many other things. No, science is not limited to what the school curriculum offers. Yes, science is everywhere from the moment a scientist looks at a phenomenon. No, there is not only physics, biology and chemistry... And yes, each and every one of us can be a scientist on a daily basis or in the future. The most gratifying thing for me is to hear a young person get out of the truck and say loudly or whisper to a classmate: "I want to be a scientist!" »
« For me, XperiLAB.be® is about igniting an enthusiasm for sciences. I want children to understand that science doesn't have to be boring, it can be really cool and that we have to deal with it every day in our lives. I also don't want to hear children say that they are too stupid, because you don't have to be a genius; but passion and common sense can go a long way. If pupils report afterwards that they would like to become a scientist, then we have achieved our ultimate goal. It gives me great satisfaction every time to see the children busy and really enjoying themselves in XperiLAB.be®. »
« XperiLAB.be® is a reference and excellent educational support. Science and experiments explained in a fun way and in a good mood by a great team!
A treat for young and old alike! »